Photo-etic Justice!

12 Jan

Howdy partners, you may remember me as Will, the guy with the white corolla. Well I’m still him, and i still own that 😉

So firstly, I hope everyone has had a safe and happy new year, and while most reflect back on it, I’m struggling to do so. You see on the 28th of december, i took my phone off the charger and was on my way. When I took it back out to just up on things, it was off. But not just any off, it was OFF off. So I’ve lost all my photo’s of any build progress on my car in the last 14 months, and if i had’ve updated the blog like i should, i would be able to reflect on some! Also i had some photos from when I made my braided oil lines, to which i planned to use for another d.i.y tech write up!

So at the moment I’ve got a shitty servo phone and a car that’s in pieces, but as soon as i have it back together, i will give you a full run down, i promise! (and the photos will be of at least iphone 3gs quality)

Not to leave y’all high and dry, here is an awesome photo roll from winton matsuri back in November. It’s Harry (Jakey’s bro) in the ca18 sigma, Kumar in his mint 86, and I. (Shout out to zero clearance for the photos)




Hey Nick

19 Nov

How about a photo.
Who do i write it out to, dear Nick?


19 Nov

Yes yes we have been super slack, but thanks our trusty m8 Daniel Dietrich, we have photos! Also ryans mummy ❤

So basically, my bluebird is in a zillion pieces, pecky is stripping his ke70 as he has an 86 now, willy is re-doing some shiz on his weapon and ryans corona is just plain baawwwws

photo time!


Thanks to QR for the awesome event, Dan Dietrich and Erica Carlson for all the awesome photos, Rachel and Peck for putting us up for the week and having a rad time with us, My man Timmy for lending me his ute! champion, My dog Simon for making our shirts, cheers boy! My awesome girlfriend Emma for putting up with my nonsense, Willy G for being a top dude and travel pal! Was so good to meet so many people and put faces to names mainly my man Ryan! what a dude! Thanks to wet’n’wild for bringing out the bitch in all of us haha.

Seriously best trip ever thanks to everyone for such a good time and atmosphere. even if there was no drifting the people made it sweet!

cheers duddddddddddddddessssss keen to do it all again!


13 Nov


Before i get to the fun things ill do the even funner things, it was about Tuesday the week of the Track day and i realised that my poo bawx red KE70 was not going to be running at full abilities by the weekend, so i had two choices, pull over the car or bounce on the pedal put the metal to the floor…wait, they actually were;

1: Flag track day and waste a precious $220
2: Find something to drive

As i quickly discovered none of my friends have cars that ever drive, so i did what any logical person would do. I went and bought an AE86 with a built Carbed 4A-GE.

Since people love spec lists, here she goooeesss

1984 Toyota Sprinter AE86

A recoed 16v bigport head running 260 degree 8.4mm lift tighe cams w/ a Redline 2x DCOE manifold and,
twin 40mm dellorto DHLA F carbies on it,
Tune length extractors,
Scorcher Custom Distributor (few months old) curved for the engine out to 10k rpm.
The bottom end consists of Spool forged rods w/ ARP2000 rod bolts + Wiseco 10.2:1 81.5mm pistons,
Block was bored 81.5mm (.020″ over), honed, decked, acid dipped, running standard main bearings and ACL race big end bearings.
Standard replacement head gasket,
Brand new oil pump,
Re-used near-new water pump from recently rebuilt donor engine,
Whole block is painted in matte black engine enamel,
Brand new OEX Alternator,
Brand new OEX Starter motor (1.2Kv reduction gear), the car has coilovers front willwood brakes with drilled and slotted rotors some kind of strut brace king springs in the back with pedders shocks adjustable panard rod 2 1/2″ exhaust with drift pipes

AJPS made coilovers featuring cusco camber tops and some sort of adjustable shocks
T3 Wilwood brake kit

Or something along those lines

I threw some spare Weds Tri Spokes onto it and it ended up looking like this

Less than ideal ride height, but whatever i only had a day to make it to the event, i threw in an MA61 drivers seat, twin cam steering wheel and some most important stickers

etc etc stories, after we got to Raleigh Raceway Coffs Harbour NSW, i did some of these

Had some super rad tandems with Adan and his Smallport 16v AE86, with 20v quad throttles and an S13 rear end!




After some super rad times i did a diff centre, managed to rip all the teeth off the crown wheel, S series diffs can suck me off. Luckily AE86DC site owner Matt let me steal the centre out of his diff and skid on sunday!



Yes that is me in shorts, some of you may be very surprised.

Many thanks to JakeL, Matt, Gunnerz, Jay70 for being a rad dude, hope you didn’t break that Sr too much. Rachel for not murdering me. Mucho loves for erryone else too! Very excited for next one in FEB

I’ll leave you guys with some incar footage.


<p><a href=”″>Jacobxxx AE86 Incar Video</a> from <a href=””>Jacob Peck</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>


22 Oct

Matsuri, did happen. We have just been slack on the updates and slightly lacking motivation as Half the crews cars were broked for most of matsuri, none the less it was fucking awesome and we will never forget it!

Proof it happened more later.

Biggo, Beally, Myself, Pecky and Willy! Ryan was there aswell ( and killing it ) but like a smart lad left with everyone else instead of well after hahaha

What little footage pecky and I could muster up from the little driving our cars did, Pecky had electrical issues causing it to run out of time, my car had some serious blowby issues, the pinon bearing collapsed in my diff and 2nd and 3rd gear syncros are fucked.was annoying but its the first time I got to drive the car properly so meh, I had fun now to fix it and learn to drive it properly weeeeeeeeee

Getting there!

3 Oct

While Jake and Will are well on their way up to the Sunshine state I thought I’d update on my progress with my car.
So far so good! Most issues have been sorted.

I put the shocks in this afternoon. Here they are against the standard ones, much shorter and MUCH stiffer! With my rear suspension setup I don’t think I’ll have any problems breaking the rear end loose on the weekend. Massive thanks to Vaughn for gifting them to me, I owe you one buddy!

I searched what seemed like the whole country for a tailshaft to suit to no avail so ended up getting a custom two peice made up. Cheaper than expected! Thanks to Farrows Shafting Service in Nambour.

My pit of cocks as of this afternoon. Box in and oiled, clutch bled and seems to be working well.

The might of the stock 2S. I can see so many people laughing at me this weekend when they see this haggard old thing, but they’re spectators so I’ll laugh back!

Wild hipster shot of the SICK wheels I’ll be running. 14×6 hotwires. My MA’s have no tyres, theses have RE001. So these win.

Things I have left to do:
– Put diff and brakes back in
– Bleed brakes
– Put steering wheel on when boss rocks up
– Alignment
– Bed in clutch
– Find out if it dances
Considering a month ago I had a standard car I couldn’t be happier. This weekend will be the best in SFHS history so far so I expect everyone following this blog to come and watch us tear shit up!
And probably crash….
xoxo Ryzee


24 Sep

Ups to this dude repping the superfuntimes!

chairs dude!